Shine your light from within.

I help women turn on the light from the inside out. Are you ready to shine?

 * Do you ever wonder how you can get more out of your life without giving up the life you live? 

* Do you think you have to choose between what you have and what you want?

* Tired of waiting for “some day”; for the kids to grow up, to make more money, pay off the house?…

Want to learn how to: 

~ Make improvements in your life?

~ Step into your purpose?

~ Make your heart sing?

When you work with The Change Maven, you learn how to do exactly that. 


How you can work with The Change Maven:

“Kristine is like a new best friend,
but the wisest friend imaginable”

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Here’s what some of The Change Maven coaching clients had to say:

My first experience with Kristine was feeling safe and then excited about my growth. She had the ability to clear through the clutter of it all and make me feel even more excited about my future.

Kelly C.

Kristine’s warm and insightful approach helped me see my situation in a new light. Her clear, compassionate questions allowed me to articulate what I was struggling with in a way I had never experienced before. After speaking with Kristine, I’m excited to take action!

Tanya H.

She had some stunning insights and asked me questions that are still resonating with me. Kristine is like a new best friend, but the wisest friend imaginable.

Harley Jane Kozak